Current Masterclass - Creating a budget that supports your big ideas - Wednesday February 7th 2018

By the end of this four hour masterclass you will learn how to:

  • control your expenses so you break even faster and more of your money goes to profit (or building the future of your business)
  • use your money to improve your confidence so you can make your big ideas a reality this year
  • reduce your financial stress by being able to answer "YES!" to the question "Can I afford this?"

During your live working session (or you can watch the replay) you will:

  • learn the steps you need to use savings, debt, and cash flow to have a positive impact on your 2018 plans
  • get clear on the impact proactively planning your finances can have on achieving your 2018 goals and dreams
  • spend three hours of focused time, supported by other entrepreneurs and me, putting these steps into action
  • ask questions and get answers about your business finances and 2018 planning
  • share challenges you are experiencing with your money and get support with finding solutions

You will also receive access to all past masterclasses:

  • Start a monthly money habit for your business
  • Dealing with financial overwhelm using small actions
  • Creating a budget to support your big ideas

How the Money Masterclasses work

In hour one you will:

  • learn the topic for the masterclass
  • learn the steps you can follow during the working session to execute the lesson
  • ask questions and get clarity before the working sessions begin

In hour two, three, and four you will:

  • start each hour by making a commitment to focus on a task
  • work through the steps shared in the lesson (in the first hour)
  • ask questions and get answers (I am live and ready to support you the whole four hours)
  • share any challenges you are having and getting support with solving them
  • checking in each hour and updating the group on how things are going