• Kim Behrens
    Jeremie’s money system has created a whole new way of seeing money for me. His approach is unique, hands on, and practical. This is not about money theory—it is about real numbers and math that takes you through your business with a completely new perspective. Before Secure Entrepreneur, I tracked money in my business that was too narrowly focused. As a solopreneur, life and business can easily get tangled together. Jeremie helped me uncover the hidden costs I’ve spent in running my company so that I can now make fact-based corrections in my plans and budget. seeitbeitdigit.com
    Kim Behrens

Can “ripping” your client payments into three pieces of paper really help you feel more secure, increase your trust in your money, and give you the confidence you need to spread your message and have an impact?

Whether you are a long term business owner, or you are working a job while trying to turn your side hustle into a full time business, or you are just starting out and haven’t made a dime, the answer is:

Yes. It CAN be this simple.

The problem is most entrepreneurs skip this important first step and jump into trying to complete more complex business strategies and activities: content creation, building a brand, creating a website, pricing, identifying an audience, sales pages, social media marketing, building teams…

Completing this long list of business tasks is challenging enough, but it becomes even more difficult when you are building your business on a limited budget and your monthly income is DIFFERENT every month.

Welcome to the income roller coaster: your income is fluctuating and money is tight, the pressure starts to build up, it can feel a bit hard to breath, and it becomes hard to focus.

Developing a proactive money strategy for your business income and learning how to do more with the money you already have helps to smooth out the ups and downs of your income, relieves this pressure, gives you some much needed breathing room, and you can focus on spreading your message and building your business.

With a strategy in place your money goes from looking like this...
With a strategy in place your money goes from looking like this...
...to looking like this.
...to looking like this.

If all of this is making sense, and sounds like something you and your business can benefit from, I want to share two options with you for learning how to master your roller coaster income. Both of these options will help you trust your money, limit your self-doubt, and build the confidence you need to build your business on a limited budget and variable monthly income.

The 3-Step Strategy to Start Organizing Your Business Finances Course: This pre-recorded video course guides you through the process of setting up your monthly money strategy.


The 3-Step Strategy course plus the Monthly Money Habit Membership: You get the video course AND ongoing access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to support you, your business, and your money.

Let's start by taking a look at the course.

The 3-Step Strategy to Start Organizing Your Business Finances Course

Senior couple working out their bills at home in the kitchenYour first step, no matter where you are in your journey, is to learn how to use your business income to pay yourself AND cover your business expenses so both you and your business are healthy and growing.

The good news is, it isn’t difficult, and you can start building your strategy with just three simple steps:

  1. Use a portion of your business income to help make decisions in your business and control monthly cash flow.
  2. Determine how much money you need to cover your business and personal expenses.
  3. Set up your bank accounts to help organize your money flow every time you get paid.

By learning, then implementing the three steps in this course you will:

  • Finally, you will know what, when, and how to pay yourself, a key step in feeling like your business is successful and supporting you
  • battle self-doubt and have confidence in your money to support you while you grow your business and the positive impact it has on others
  • be able to do more with the money you are already earning so you spend fewer nights awake at 2am worrying about making ends meet
  • save stress on you and your most important relationships by ensuring you pay yourself every month
  • feel more secure knowing the monthly ups and downs in your income will start to smooth out
  • save time (THE most valuable resource) every month on dealing with your finances by following your new money strategy
  • Paula Gregorowicz
    Other systems are too rigid in how you have to use your money, this system still allowed me to make choices and enjoy life, while making my money work. I want to live now not later, this system allowed me to make peace that I am in control of my money. There are things you don’t want to miss out on, but there are things you can’t skimp on. The system allowed me to make choices and cover both. thepaulagcompany.com
    Paula Gregorowicz

Check out a preview of Section 2, Lesson 6:

The course has everything you need to put your 3-step strategy into action. You will be ready, with increased confidence, to spend less time worrying about your money, and more time focusing on all the other business activities on your list.

BUT, building and running your business, day in and day out, can be extremely lonely. Dealing with the money challenges that every business owner must face is even lonelier.

What if working on your business and personal finances didn't feel confusing, scary, and lonely?

Imagine how it would feel to sit down and work on your money in your favorite coffee shop - a place where you can meet friends or strangers and share your stories and experiences. A virtual spot on the internet where you can feel like a local, and know that you can always come through the doors and find friendly people ready to listen to and support you without judgement.

Having a community to support you makes a big difference
Having a community to support you makes a big difference

Successfully managing your money becomes easier because you are surrounded by other business owners in this "coffee shop".

Or, in this case, a virtual coffee shop within the Monthly Money Habit Membership Group. The Monthly Money Habit Membership group is a community solution to the loneliness of being a business owner and dealing with your business and personal finances.

In the Monthly Money Habit Membership group you will find:

  • the chance to stop feeling so lonely and make building your business and dealing with your money a shared experience
  • a safe place to come to throughout the month and share your money challenges and celebrations
  • a community of entrepreneurs who understand exactly what you are going through and are ready to offer support
  • an opportunity to get more done with your money because you aren't doing it all alone
  • a place to ask questions and get support with putting the steps of your Money Strategy into place and using these steps every month
  • Kristine Carey
    The Monthly Money Habit Membership has changed the way I think about and handle my money. As a business owner, I understand that money is math and cash flow matters, yet there's something different about knowing that intellectually vs. actually living it on a daily basis. As a result of using the membership group I’m now able to look at my money and insure my bottom line is taken care of *as well as* making sure my money supports my values and those things that matter most to me. If you feel like you can use renewed perspective on your money, I highly recommend Jeremie Miller, The Secure Entrepreneur program, and the Monthly Money Habit Membership Group. - kristinecarey.com
    Kristine Carey

Which option is best for you?

You face a number of money decisions in your business and personal life every day, so I want to make this an easy choice for you:

If you work best on your own, and are able to hold yourself accountable to complete the course and use your 3 steps each and every month, then the course is the best fit for you.

If you work best in community and know that you need support with accountability, and want support with expanding your money strategy over time, the course and membership offer is going to be perfect.

Joining the membership will also make you part of an even larger virtual community of entrepreneurs, as 10% of each monthly membership fee is donated to Kiva.org and used to support entrepreneurs around the globe.

To be completely honest, the course works, but changing money habits is hard. My experience with my own business, and with the entrepreneurs I am already helping, is that working in the membership community is a big part of being successful with your money month in and month out.

So, I would suggest, that even if you like working on your own, join the membership and work on the course for a month with my support and the support of other entrepreneurs. There is no risk involved, if the membership is not for you after one month, you will have paid nothing extra, and you will still have your 3-Step strategy in place.

Check out both the course and course plus membership offer below and make the decision that works best for you and your business:

Sign up for the "3-Step Solution to Start Organizing your Business Finances" Course


Video instructions and slides for setting up your Choice Account, which will help you use money to make decisions and control monthly cash flow

Video instructions and slides for using percentages to pay yourself and support your business every month

Video instructions and slides for organizing your bank accounts to direct your money from client to business to your personal life

A three page cheat sheet guiding you, step by step, through the setup and monthly implementation of the system

Sign up for the Monthly Money Habit Membership - get the 3-Step Strategy Course for Free!


Free access to all the materials in "A 3-step solution to start organizing your business finances" Class

Live Money Coaching and Q&A call the second Friday of every month

Weekly Live One Hour Money Sprints every Monday

Facebook Group to get your questions answered between the live calls

Discounts on private 1-1 Money Coaching Sessions

10% of every membership is donated to Kiva.org every month to help support small businesses grow

PS. Imagine how you will feel, this time next month, after you use your new strategy to pay yourself and cover your business expenses. Smoothing out the ups and downs of your roller coaster income, turning unpredictable revenue into a more supportive money foundation you can trust, will change how you look at, and make decisions about, your business.

I look forward to supporting you and your business.